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We are MaiaMina

Be Your Own Muse: Ignite Your Creativity, Passion, Confidence, and Boldness


At MaiaMina, our vision is to ignite the spirit of self-expression in every woman. We strive to empower women to confidently showcase their unique identity to the world. We champion boldness and individuality, inspiring women to curate their own style by layering personalized and iconic pieces. Our goal is to be the catalyst for women to embrace their inner muse and celebrate their authenticity through jewelry.


With this guiding philosophy, we founded the MaiaMina brand in 2022 in Hong Kong with writers, photographers, and designers who shared a love of life and jewelry. Collectively we left our stable jobs, jumping feet first into our business. MaiaMina’s mission is to provide women with a chance to follow their independent spiritual pursuits and showcase their true selves through exquisite designs as we express our artistry and inspire others to follow their own dreams.


That's What We Do

Be Your Own Muse is the manifestation of all those who dare to dream. We integrated self-expression with timeless, iconic pieces to create something extraordinary. The MaiaMina process is difficult as we craft each piece with a unique style conveying individuality in every element of its design. Our brand is dedicated to creating exclusive, high-quality craftsmanship with an innovative style that can be loved each and every day.  


The creative process starts at our atelier in Hong Kong, where our specialized creative team works in every design with absolute demand and carefulness, from the first sketch to the material selection and the development of the final samples of every jewel.

The manufacturing of our pieces combines an attentive handcraft expertise with the latest technology, which is applied in different stages until reaching the final jewelry piece:


Starting from the final hand-drawn sketches of each piece, the digital design team creates a 3D model using specialized software to finalize the technical details of the jewelry.

MOLDING: To bring the piece to life, we use high precision 3D printers to print each part of the jewelry using wax as the base material. We then use the wax impression to create a mold made of silicon. We fill this mold with wax to make replicas of the piece and repeat this step as many times as the number of pieces we plan to produce.

THE WAX TREE: After replicating the wax pieces, we construct a "tree" by attaching multiple wax pieces to a central pillar. We place the tree in a circular container and fill it with cast. We then set the container in an oven where the cast dries and the wax melts, leaving a negative shape of the tree in cast. We fill this negative shape with melted 925 sterling silver, which solidifies once cooled.

CARVING: Once the silver has hardened, we carefully remove the cast and carve the tree pieces with a pressurized water jet. We then hand polish each piece to create a solid silver body, marking a unique moment in the jewelry-making process.

POLISHING AND PLATING: With the raw silver pieces now complete, we begin the three-phase polishing stage. First, we use wet slate slices to remove large surface imperfections. Second, we use linen and cotton wheels to remove any scratches left by the slate. Lastly, we use a wet brush to give the pieces their final finish. If the design requires it, we can plate the piece with 18 karat gold and let it dry.

SETTING & ASSEMBLY: In the final stage, we use high precision tools to set all the semi-precious stones and zirconias by hand. We then assemble all the parts of the jewelry using solder or by manually assembling them through small rings.

QUALITY CONTROL: After all the pieces have been produced, our quality department performs a thorough visual and tactile inspection of each piece, as well as a use test with a sample from each production. Any leftover materials are melted down for reuse. Finally, we place each jewel in an airtight bag to protect it during storage.


Commitment to quality is a fundamental pillar in each MaiaMina jewel. We produce our collection with 925 sterling silver, 18 karat gold, brass, semi-precious stones and zirconias. In addition of going through strict quality controls and being carefully selected, these materials make each piece genuine and unique.

Our workshops are comprised with a great team of craftsmen that ally with avant-garde technology, bringing an exceptional finishing to every jewel. The expertise of the hand-finished details and the high precision of the tools in our facilities allow us to create every piece with the highest level of demand.


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